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Networking – ROI

Establish What Your Time is Worth

Yearly we re-examine our networking activities and investment of time, energy and money. We look hard at hours, cost and energy spent on our networking activities. This included associations, groups and all open and closed networking groups. We determined what our time is worth on an hourly basis including gas, expenses, taxes and insurance. Many were amazed as they calculated their hourly worth and multiplied it by the number of hours spent per month in networking activities. We posed this question, what is your ROI? –return on investment. Many discovered that they were spending more time, energy and money in activities that were NOT bringing a desired result in their personal growth, or in their bank accounts!

We also look at who we are spending our time with. We explored our values and principles of living and conducting our business. The question was asked, do you find yourself associating with people who share these values and principles? Are they likely to inspire you to grow or encourage you to stretch in your daily business? In addition what type of customers are you seeking to do business with? Do they align with your principles and values? Do the people you network with hold these same standards? Are they likely to bring you the type of referrals or new clients that you desire to do business with?

These questions and more will help you to discover what your POTENTIAL ROI might be over the course of a year.

So ask yourself these questions. . .

  1. Do I spend my time in events that help me grow and encourage me along my path to success?
  2. Am I truly gaining a positive ROI in personal development, new business and quality of life?
  3. Is my business showing a steady pattern of growth as a result of my investment in these groups and organizations?

In some cases it might be time for you to trade up! Consider aligning yourself with . . . .

  • People who are extremely growth driven
  • People who are goal-directed
  • People who are huge-thinkers
  • People who are ultra-positive
  • People who have your respect
  • People who have your trust
  • People who have a proven track record

What is your time worth and how are you spending it? Invest wisely and produce a great return in your personal life, business and community today

Get your copy of the FREE Networking ROI Calculator by going to our Facebook Business Page and After you subscribe ( like us) please post a comment and request your free copy!

Discover the truth about where you are investing your results!


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