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Mind Your Own Business

Developing your Mental Momentum™

When looking for a marketing strategy or idea, do you consistently look at ads produced by competitors?  Do you feel frustrated because you know there has to be a different approach toward your marketing situation?  In working on your business, it is important to explore opportunities that will allow you to open your mind to creative approaches to problem solving.

I like to call the process: developing your mental momentum.  By creating mental momentum, you begin to open the doors to what is possible.  Some people are   full of ideas, and at times they seem to flow effortlessly. Some persons   seem to struggle with creativity.  During dry spells, we need to discover new tools, or strategies to help stimulate our thinking once again.

The best way to approach any business challenge, is to take a creative approach.  A favorite activity of mine to access  creativity, is to write in big bold letters: WHAT IF? Begin writing down all the ideas or possibilities that may exist. Writing opens your mind to the possibilities rather than focusing on the specific task, issue, or obstacle.

Today, we cannot arrive at innovative business solutions by conventional thinking alone.   We need to discover unique ways to tap into our mind’s creative energy.  There are several ways to do so.  One way, is to form a  master mind peer group.  In the coming weeks, we will explore ways to put together a  peer or master mind group, and share ideas of how to keep the  group energized. Many peer groups continue to be active after many years.  Active members become future community and business leaders.

Apart from peer groups,   hiring a personal coach can be productive.   A coach   has the ability to inspire and get you to verbalize about   your business- in a way that will get attention.  If hiring a coach, or forming a peer group is not feasible- consider working on your own through mind mapping.

Mind mapping is a very unique method for brainstorming   creative ideas.  It is a   different approach to traditional note taking and can enhance creative problem solving.  Similar to doodling, or adult style finger painting, it can be fun. Writing on large paper, using post it notes, or drawing concepts with colors and shapes will work nicely.  You can also subscribe to a computer program, or purchase software.    Explore how you can use mind mapping in your business as a way to tackle tough situations.  It is a creative way to explore ideas, and sort out problems, as well as figure out the missing pieces of a puzzle, so to speak.  You can also take items from your journal and begin to mind map using thoughts, dreams or visions.  It is also a good idea to keep a voice recorder in your car, so when an idea pops into your mind, you can quickly record it.

Do you ever wake up in the night during a dream?  Keep a notepad near your bed and quickly write down the dream.  The task will serve you well on the road to mastering mind mapping.

To learn how to begin using a mind map you can visit or Goggle mind mapping to identify more information and ideas of how to begin your journey to mind mapping.

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