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Key’s to Success – Relationships

The Key is Relationships

We can hardly travel through this life without encountering some type of relationship. We are born out of a relationship. We grow up into relationships and unfortunately there is no how to manual on relationships is there?

As someone who has had tremendous success working with other peoples situations in both personal and business coaching it is difficult to admit sometimes when we ourselves struggle. We all face those obstacles in our life.

We feel our way most of the time through life and learn mostly by doing. The reason for war stems out of broken relations or poor relations, difference of opinion and ultimately selfishness or the desire to be right and have our way. Someone recently made a statement that asks the question “is it more important to be right or happy”? Many family issues stem from someone wanting or needing to be right. Ultimately they loose site of what is really important and that is the relationship. The best feeling in the world is when you really are able to connect with someone and find the experience rewarding. It is like the best rush in the world at least it is for me.

As we evaluate our lives and measure our success in business or in life, we can almost always look to how we are faring in our relationships. I heard about a couple who were going through marriage counseling and one of their exercises was to answer a questionnaire about how they get along with others in their immediate family. Would we want to read what they say? Isn’t it interesting that in preparing for the success of a new marriage is measured by how the immediate family treats both partners? Many marriages have been destroyed by interfering or indifferent family members.

In order to become successful in our life we should be open and willing to examine how we treat others and especially the people who are closest to us in our lives.   One of my favorite quotes is “How you do anything is how you do everything!” ~T Harv Ecker  This one statement can cause us to evaluate our life and how we are showing up to others and especially our friends and family.

I would love to hear some success stories about how others have been able to turn situations around by devoting more time to relationships and putting others first.   Please share your stories or comments and ask me how you can be interviewed on either or internet radio program or our Internet TV channel!

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