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Your Relationship Bank

With a strong and healthy relationship bank you can do anything in life. You can create a new business, make a valuable connection for a friend or colleague and even bring important people together for an event to benefit a cause or community! This is like earning your Masters in business networking.

Networking – ROI

Do you find yourself associating with people who share these values and principles? Are they likely to inspire you to grow or encourage you to stretch in your daily business? In addition what type of clients are you seeking to do business with?

Rich Deposits Into Your Community

Creating community means sharing in each others success and making a contribution! I hear people say many times that they never got anything from their participation in various organizations.

Key’s to Success – Relationships

In order to become successful in our life we should be open and willing to examine how we treat others and especially the people who are closest to us in our lives.

Are You a Joiner?

Have you ever considered why you join a certain group, organization or opportunity? Do you join everything that is available or do you carefully consider your reasons for joining a group or organization?

Business Building – Relationships Versus Numbers

The first step in creating a successful resource network -is to admit that your skills could use some improvement. Begin to evaluate whether your skills and resources are bringing you the desired return on your investment.

Blending High Tech with High Touch Networking

How do we balance both and are we spending too much time in social networks or all of our time networking in person.