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Passion For Business

A terrific way to insure your success is to find other business owners who are passionate about what they are doing and can support your vision. They can inspire you, share ideas or brain storm with you. Identify other passionate people and spend time with them. Find people who have the same target market but are a compliment to your industry or line of work.

I know that I know nothing

I know that I know nothing” is a well-known saying that is derived from Plato’s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. This statement can create multiple meanings and discussions. To me it the wisdom in this statement is that we can never be certain about what we know but that we can gain confidence over time about certain things. Many people consider themselves experts in certain areas. In my experience I am extremely confident in my ability to serve my clients in certain areas.

Responsible and Credible

When we allow circumstances to dictate our mood or how we approach others we dilute our credibility to lead. Leaders must be willing to begin with themselves and be honest and accept responsibility in all situations. The best question we can ever ask ourselves is what did I learn this time?

Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

Dreaming is a great way to set goals but if all you are doing is sleeping and dreaming you will never accomplish any of the life goals you wish to achieve. You can have a passion for what you do but everything needs to be guided with a plan and establish revenue the great measurement stick to what you are doing! How do you give yourself a good kick in the pants?

Mind Your Own Business

By creating mental momentum, you begin to open the doors to what is possible. Some people are full of ideas, and at times they seem to flow effortlessly. Some persons seem to struggle with creativity. During dry spells, we need to discover new tools, or strategies to help stimulate our thinking once again.