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Business Building – Relationships Versus Numbers

Relationships Versus Numbers

Are huge numbers of contacts absolutely necessary for business growth?  While contemplating the question about whether it is more profitable to build business and social networks through relationships, or huge numbers of contacts, I came to the conclusion that we should strive to maintain a healthy balance.  My purpose is to help you discover ways to build networks of people through mutually beneficial relationships, rather than solely through developing mass marketing tactics, in the interest of generating more sales.  It is not advisable to forsake building creative relationships simply to amass a database full of faceless names and contact information.

Individual business people must carefully examine each networking opportunity, and the time investment involved, in order to make informed decisions based on purpose and desired results.  It is also important to keep personal values and principals in mind, in order to attract the right kind of people and potential new customers into your trusted resource network.

The benefits of building significant business relationships are unlimited.  Apart from just making an immediate sale, profitable future ventures can develop that will increase income.  There is no shortage of offline and online social and business networking associations, and as a result, it is imperative to evaluate which ones will prove the most fruitful, in relation to meeting business goals.  Once you can identify which groups will be the most productive for you to participate in, you can visit every day.  Many entrepreneurs, who are just starting out, tend to rely solely on networking and word-of-mouth promotion for business growth- if done consistently, these methods can work very well.

My personal observation taught me that when entrepreneurs grow up, they stop collecting baseball cards, match book covers and Beanie babies, or Barbie dolls and switch to business cards instead! It would be wonderful if collecting business cards equaled monetary or personal success, or if business cards became more valuable the longer you held onto them.  Imagine what a session of exchanging cards might look like!

Our intentions are always good, but as one of my personal networking mentors, Bob Littell, author of the Heart and Art of NetWeaving, emphasizes:  follow up and follow through is the key to developing successful and trusted resource networks.

The first step in creating a successful resource network -is to admit that your skills could use some improvement.  Begin to evaluate whether your skills and resources are bringing you the desired return on your investment for your network and your existing customers.  What would your customers think if you began making introductions to them at bring them more business as well?

If time is one of the most precious resources we have, and if our intentions are truly centered on building relationships, and positive connections for doing business, how can we truly give our best if we are involved with too many different groups?

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