Are You a Joiner?

Have you ever considered why you join a certain group, organization or opportunity? Do you join everything that is available or do you carefully consider your reasons for joining a group or organization?

Business Building – Relationships Versus Numbers

The first step in creating a successful resource network -is to admit that your skills could use some improvement. Begin to evaluate whether your skills and resources are bringing you the desired return on your investment.

Mind Your Own Business

By creating mental momentum, you begin to open the doors to what is possible. Some people are full of ideas, and at times they seem to flow effortlessly. Some persons seem to struggle with creativity. During dry spells, we need to discover new tools, or strategies to help stimulate our thinking once again.

Refrigeration Company Explodes by Bartering

Expand Your Business – Refrigeration Company Explodes by Bartering I was reminded earlier today of a refrigeration company who once owned two trucks and got involved with a local barter exchange I was working with at the time.  They came to us one day with an idea of how we could get numerous restaurants to […]

Barter and Trade Worldwide

Barter and Trade Worldwide Barter offers you the world’s largest barter marketplace, and gives you the business resources you need to build your bottom line with access to tens of thousands of new customers, stronger cash flow, increased buying power, greater sales volume and access to new markets for sale of your product or service […]

Benefits of Barter

Often in a business we suffer from cash flow issues that prevent us from moving forward with the development and growth of our business. It is also very common for a business to have extra inventory, or available time to work on projects when things are in a mode of slow growth.

Blending High Tech with High Touch Networking

How do we balance both and are we spending too much time in social networks or all of our time networking in person.