Your Relationship Bank

With a strong and healthy relationship bank you can do anything in life. You can create a new business, make a valuable connection for a friend or colleague and even bring important people together for an event to benefit a cause or community! This is like earning your Masters in business networking.

Passion For Business

A terrific way to insure your success is to find other business owners who are passionate about what they are doing and can support your vision. They can inspire you, share ideas or brain storm with you. Identify other passionate people and spend time with them. Find people who have the same target market but are a compliment to your industry or line of work.

I know that I know nothing

I know that I know nothing” is a well-known saying that is derived from Plato’s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. This statement can create multiple meanings and discussions. To me it the wisdom in this statement is that we can never be certain about what we know but that we can gain confidence over time about certain things. Many people consider themselves experts in certain areas. In my experience I am extremely confident in my ability to serve my clients in certain areas.

Networking – ROI

Do you find yourself associating with people who share these values and principles? Are they likely to inspire you to grow or encourage you to stretch in your daily business? In addition what type of clients are you seeking to do business with?

Growing Your Business Profits

Consider how leveraging money you have already spent into advertising or maintenance or other ongoing expenses like printing, or landscaping, repairs or equipment maintenance or even purchasing new equipment can add additional profit and cutting costs to your bottom line. Consider how leveraging money you have already spent into advertising or maintenance or other ongoing expenses. Increase sales and profits with money you already spent!

Using Money You’ve Already Spent

By using barter, you can use your current inventory or available time to get the things you need, without having to give up valuable cash.

Responsible and Credible

When we allow circumstances to dictate our mood or how we approach others we dilute our credibility to lead. Leaders must be willing to begin with themselves and be honest and accept responsibility in all situations. The best question we can ever ask ourselves is what did I learn this time?

Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

Dreaming is a great way to set goals but if all you are doing is sleeping and dreaming you will never accomplish any of the life goals you wish to achieve. You can have a passion for what you do but everything needs to be guided with a plan and establish revenue the great measurement stick to what you are doing! How do you give yourself a good kick in the pants?

Rich Deposits Into Your Community

Creating community means sharing in each others success and making a contribution! I hear people say many times that they never got anything from their participation in various organizations.

Key’s to Success – Relationships

In order to become successful in our life we should be open and willing to examine how we treat others and especially the people who are closest to us in our lives.