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Blending High Tech with High Touch Networking

Being a high touch people person and functioning in the virtual world is difficult at times. Many people find it frustrating keeping up with real life, business and staying on top of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many other platforms too numerous to name.  A good friend of mine recently posted a question to her friends in her social network about the need for more skin to skin relationships.  The question was, are we depending too much on the virtual world and spending less time with meeting face to face?  How do we balance both and are we spending too much time in social networks or all of our time networking in person.

Through social media I stay in touch with my good friends as I connect with others and develop more relationships.  Find ways to help people and glean information and learn about ways I can expand and grow my business.  Many of my greatest relationships were discovered through social networks and people suggesting friends for me and the exciting part was when I was able to meet face to face.    I also notice that I often  lose touch with some of the people I used to network with in person when they aren’t active on any social networks.

Listening to what small business owners say they need today is more customers, more time, more revenue and more profits!  Of course they want all this without having to spend more time or more money on advertising and sacrificing precious time with family and friends.

To properly balance work, personal time and family we want to be able to build an audience of people in our networks that pay attention to what we have to say or offer so that we don’t have to buy people’s attention, they give it to us gladly.   So then how do we build the right audience?  Making sure your social networking and in person networking efforts are attracting the right audience is essential.   This is all part of creating a successful marketing strategy that requires the blending of the best of all our activities.

We do know that technology is moving at a much faster pace and while I am writing this article I am certain there are other apps and platforms and tools being released.  Don’t be overwhelmed and always seek a balance in all things!  We need both, in person and social networks to further our relationship and add value to our individual businesses and relationship banks.

If you have questions about where to get started with social media or how to manage what you have already started let us know and we can do a short strategy session to brainstorm some immediate strategy and get you pointed in the right direction in the business of life and your business.

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