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Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

Dreams will get you nowhere, a good kick in the pants will take you a long way ~Baltasar Gracian
Dreaming is a great way to set goals but if all you are doing is sleeping and dreaming you will never accomplish any of the life goals you wish to achieve.   You can have a passion for what you do but everything needs to be guided with a plan and establish revenue the great measurement stick to what you are doing!   How do you give yourself a good kick in the pants?

Personally I like to have conversations with my mirror.  I frequently remind myself of who I am and what gifts or talents I have to share with others.  They type of people I choose to work with and spend time around

Where do you go for support in your business or life?  What system is in place where you access knowledge and expertise to continue your path and succeed in your goals?  What do you find works for you in your daily life and how do you find accountability within your business?  Please post your comments or questions here.

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