“Ideas are the beginning  points of all fortunes”~Napolean Hill

Recently someone asked me what you do best for your clients? My answer is we help them discover their purpose and make decisions to achieve that purpose. There are so many decisions to make, and things to know and do. It’s hard to concentrate on what to do first and how to start.

We walk hand in hand with business leaders as they develop the strategic and financial processes that protect against and correct costly mistakes that can sabotage the growth of the business.  We bring a clarity and purpose to our clients that allows them to achieve an immediate increase in cash flow by increasing and stabilizing their variable operating costs, ultimately leading to increased annual profits.

We are dedicated to bringing today solutions that fit your budget and help you to avoid costly mistakes on sales, and marketing or other business related expenses.

Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives & Future Leaders

Starting a new business is one thing, however keeping it running successfully is the key.  There is always a balance to life and business.  “TOP” performers, whether sports pro’s or business pro’s have many coaches and mentors to realize their peak potential and stay on top of their game.   We go beyond business coaching to work with you on creating effective step by step strategies you can use to achieve specific results in your life and business.

We work by your side to enable you to be at the top of your game as you deliver your unique business message to your target market.

      • effective business start-up steps for creating real results today
      • Work with a consultant and coach who understands your business and can provide the correct guidance when and as you need it.
      • marketing and sales strategies as you need them for low cost
      • website and social media marketing review and evaluation 
      • create your personal unique selling proposition
      • vision, mission, and strategic areas of focus to create daily actions

SMARTER-IDEAS  and business building strategies for individuals, companies and new business start-ups! We can start you on the path to help you get what you want for yourself, your family AND your business.  Schedule your  Consulting or Coaching complimentary  strategy session Today! Discover how business consultation or coaching can be for you!

We often work as both a coach and consultant at the same time. This means you can have the best of both. Expert advice when you need it, motivation and strategy sessions whenever you might be stuck or blocked. We can ensure you always play at the highest level in your business.

Why Work with SmarterIdeas?

We come along side of  small businesses and individuals to help them  get moving!  We help you to solve business or personal puzzles. It helps . . .

  • To have someone available and in your corner to help you succeed and bring accountability & perspective.
  • To benefit from  differing perspectives, input and feedback.
  • Having the right tools, resources and connections to succeed
  • To have an accountability partner to maintain your focus!
  • Custom training & support to fit your needs

Request a free 30 minute strategy session today!

Chronicle.of.Jimmy 03/21/2014

Kathleen has consistently pulled through for me whenever I needed either business advice, to make a connection, or with help preparing a strategy for my business. She is an upstanding and honorable woman. I highly recommend Smarter Ideas for as long as Kathleen is involved!

Ben C.01/23/2014

I have worked with Kathy since 2009 and she has always been extremely helpful in generating new ideas for my business. I appreciate her down to earth, no-nonsense approach and she knows exactly how to hold me accountable! I would highly recommend Kathy for her wealth of business knowledge, her integrity, and her commitment to making sure her clients succeed.

James C.01/21/2014

Kathleen Smart uses a practical, easy-to-understand strategic approach to your business process. These “smarter ideas” can be used from day-one as a tool that provides the foundation to your success. Kathleen excels in identifying your negatives issues and then helps guide you to the positive solutions for which you have been searching. Call her now for free consultation

Meg P.01/17/2014

SmartestIdea I’ve made so far!

Kathleen Smart is one of the most well connected women I know. She has such an out of the box way of thinking about business that puts a fresh perspective on issues, how to resolve them, and build stronger. I highly recommend any business that is ready for growth to contact Kathleen before making the same mistakes so many small to mid-sized businesses make every day.